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Magento Ecommerce Platform- A Bird’s Eye View


Making an online presence is a daunting task for many online marketers. Designing a decent website is not enough to get the business leads. This is very true for the large online stores that are phenomenally growing in the recent times. Hence a good e-commerce platform is mandatory for these online business owners. Thanks for the most innovative Magento support package, which has emerged as a world leader in offering the best e-commerce platform for all these online marketers. The reader can browse the website to get to know about the importance of Magento in the e-commerce world.

Magento is unique

Being an exclusive e-commerce serving many global brands Magento is considered to be unique with its features that cannot be matched even by its nearest competitor in the e-commerce industry. Factors such as effective scalability, great flexibility, cost effective design and many more have made Magento a unique and the most sought-after platform in the e-commerce arena. It is for these reasons Magenta has become a brand-insistent e-commerce solution in the eyes of innumerable online store owners of various products and services. When it comes to the popular B2B and B2C operations, Magento is highly tailor-made for several online marketers,

What can Magento do?

Magento helps the online business operations to reach new heights. Also, it makes the websites more mobile-friendly in order to reach a mass community. Undoubtedly, the smartphones have become the best tools for high conversion rates for the reputed online stores across the world. Magento ensures the commercial websites to reach into the direct hands of the prospects or the users who are in millions across the globe. With the design of the most user-friendly Magento WebShop, the awareness products or services is well created in the minds of the mobile users. Since mobile phones are gearing up to play a major role in the future growth of e-commerce, Magento seems to be the only option available for the online stores.

Offers the best shipping extensions

Magento provides an array of extensions to efficiently operate and integrate various different shipping modules into online stores belong to various marketers in the web world. Interestingly, this platform optimizes the websites for the best fit as per the needs of the clients with its unmatched extensions that are sure to provide a unique shopping experience. By this, an online store can able to fix attractive shipping rates according to the shopping destinations. Few of these shipping extensions offered by Magento are listed here:

1. Clearly defined shipping restrictions
2. Well framed shipping terms
3. An amazing product mix
4. Table-oriented shipping and much more!

Magento Benefits- A Summary

· Simple migration of data from the older version to the new one
· Offering time and cost saving e-commerce platform
· Making user-friendly customization of client websites
· Providing comparative study of products as well as product reviews
· Allowing the user to select shipping solution with a single option
· Customers can choose custom shipping solution with single transaction
· Facilitating an easy integration of third party e-commerce platforms
· Offering a safe and secure payment gateway
· Providing a perfect integration for social media extensions like Facebook, Twitter.

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Why Use Video Marketing For Your Business

Video Marketing

Videos are the new power tools when it comes to marketing. 2016 saw major revolution in terms of video marketing. It is estimated that more than 61% of the businesses have moved onto to video marketing as one of their primary tools. Another striking fact is that 66% of the companies that opted for marketing did not have this facility an year back. The trend is only growing and it is estimated to hit more sooner than estimated. Gardner Video Production Services in Toronto specialises in making videos that is best suited for your business. As predicts, videos are going to be the future of the marketing world.

Videos And Sales Numbers
To understand the magnanimity of how videos can help in boosting your sales numbers, it is estimated that more than 80% of customer conversions has happened after watching the product videos. Therefore, videos directly lead to increase in sales. It is also estimated that more than 74% of the users who watched these videos found it useful. Therefore, this is the right time to start crafting videos for your products. One of the main reasons why videos are so successful is because the minds of human beings are generally great at receiving things that are visual in a much better manner.

Videos And ROI
Many businesses have said that they have seen more returns on their investments with respect to videos. Creating videos are not easy or simple as they seem. Apart from using the online video editing tools and availability of many options for creating video content, it is fairly easy to create one for your company. Your video need not be absolutely perfect. Focus on the content and ensure that you get it right. Once the content is generated properly, you can get your point across to potential customers easily. A demonstration of how to use your product can also be a good choice.

Videos Are A Platform For Trust
Trust is one of the most important foundations based on which the businesses are built. The content marketing concept itself is based on creating customers for a long time. Instead of selling you can get people to come and find your products. By providing interesting and important information to your customers, you attract them to view your products and make decisions. Video content engages the users and sparks emotions. Video sharing on social media networks can act as an important means of marketing your products for less cost. Promotional videos act as the best way to instil trust within your customers.

Google Live
Videos make the customers stay on your website for a long period of time. Therefore, longer a person spends on your website the more he understands your products. Also, if you have a video embedded in your website, it is possible that there is a higher chance of your website being visible on the Google search results. Also, YouTube is owned by Google and there has been increase on how the videos are ranked and the viewership in general as well.

Video advertising is therefore becoming the affordable and widespread method for marketing products at low cost. While making the videos ensure that they are creative and educating at the same time for your audiences.

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