Tips To Turn SEO Into A Success

untitled1The highest Search Engine Results Page (SERP) listing is the holy grail of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Keywords and phrases used during a search by the user plays an important role in SEO. To bring in more traffic to your website SEO is the way to go. Caseo are experts when it comes to dealing with SEO for a website. There are several organic or unpaid search engines in the market currently, like Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on. While many organic search engines exist, Google is the undisputed king of search engines. It has garnered in mass popularity with its 89.99% of all search traffic .You can build a Google friendly site by following the recommendations given at .
Some fundamental aspects of SEO are:

Google is king
Google makes use of around 200 algorithms to determine page rankings for each website. It is useful to know the commonly used ranking factors by these algorithms to manage your website.

SEO takes time
Google uses web crawlers to index web pages. A complete crawl is done around every 8 weeks. So unless your webpage has been indexed, the results will not be seen yet.

Update webpage content
Content on your webpage needs to be updated regularly. Never replace an old page with a new one, always keep recycling it with new content, since google gives older pages a higher rank
Content Quality
Keep relevant content on your website. The more original the content, the better the users take to it. Keyword stuffing or using the keyword over and over again is generally frowned upon and the webpage is penalized as a result.

Keyword research
Make a list of all the keyword that a prospective client might use while searching for the services or products your page offers. Try comparing these words and phrases to most commonly searched terms using Googles AdWords Keyword Planner.

Include keyword in the URL
Having the keyword in the URL of your website usually leads to higher ranking by Google.

Keyword should appear near the top of page
Making sure that your keyword appears within the first 100 words ensures a boost in the search engine result rankings.

Beyond this it is always a good idea to include different types of content like images and videos in your website. Since Google is not able to read an image, a descriptive text for each image or video using the keyword gives the rankings a boost. The website should be made user friendly by making sure it is easy to navigate through as well as easy to read. Quality information and well organized webpages always rank better that the ones that have a cluttered look.

Nowadays at least 80% of websites are accessed through handheld devices like smartphones and tablets. It is always in the best interest of a webpage to have a responsive design so that it can re-size itself according to the device it is accessed from. A sitemap also acts like a table of contents for a website and is quite useful to the search engines in order to find your content. SEO should be made a major part of any online business if the owner wants it to succeed in the current online market.

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